Tiange Fang

Transformational Portable Tent Jacket

Class of: 2024

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Digital and analog drawing

Faculty: Katerina Lanfranco

Prompt: Make a prototype design of this new invention that includes a perspective view, plan view, and schematic diagram. Also include dimensions, materials, color, price, logo, branding, price (if possible), instructions, in situ (in context) image.

In this project, the expected outcome is to produce a waterproof & windproof wearable coat that can be transformed into a temporary tent easily which provides people in need such as refugees and homeless people or people who are going expedition outdoors a safe and private shelter. The product should be sustainable and durable. Ideally the price of each product is affordable for everyone, thus i set the price to be 99.99 dollars. The product also suitable for people who love hiking, camping and other outdoor sports that try to pack light. General requirement for this project is to research a special way that allows the coat to be multifunctional and form into a tent while not losing the coat’s function and simplicity. Also, seeking a sustainable, economical and durable material that has the feasibility to transform and support the structure while appropriate and visually pleasing appearance is an essential task for this project to function as I planned.

Size / Dimension:

Slightly larger than a normal jacket with multiple layers which allows the malleability of the tent. When the product is a coat, it will be approximately 2.5 meters high, 0.7 meters wide when completely spread out. When the product is a tent, the approximate size will be 2 meters high, 2 meters wide while constructed fully.


The initial color choices are all mild cohesive earthy colors — Pigeon blue (#7285A5), Air Force blue (#598BAF), Fern green (#4F7942), Olive green (#708238) and Dijon orange (#c49102).

Logo / Branding:

Following “less is more”, this design only contained the essential components of a coat and a tent. For instance, the two doors with flexible zippers located both front and back ensured the tent will have a private and open space.