Tianyi Peng

Shen Shui po

Class of: 2024

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Wood, wire, and paper

Faculty: Amy Finkel

Prompt: Bridge 2 : BECOMING A FLANEUR is to make a publication about a place

This publication aims to introduce the Sham Shui Po community where the poorest and densest area in hong kong and people live in iron cages there. I plan to make this publication because I want to show people that many people live in extremely small spaces despite the beautiful view in Hong Kong.

The front cover made by the paper cut of Hong Kong landmarks, and the printed fake hong kong dollar makes the highest cut-building in my work. It represents real estate-based economic structure make people can not afford the standard apartment rent.

On the side page, the content introduces the basic background of this community. I use translucent paper as material to print. it is not only because it can show the audience the 3-dimensional collage and the iron cage on the back of the content, but also to represent that they do not have much privacy can see their living environment from the outside.

Inside the installation, it consisted of an iron cage and some 3d collages. I put an iron cage there because It directly shows its living environment, and I put an old lady inside the cage to show one of the major residents at that place are senior people. What’s more, there are many visitors surrounded by the cage house and their eyes are on the people inside the cage which emphasize the fact that they don’t have much privacy living there.

For the back cover page, it is a map of the Sham Shui Po area, and behind it, it is a crowd of people, showing the concept that it is the densest area in hong kong and it is crowd.