Vanessa Marrocco

Self//Timer Project

Class of: 2025

Major: Illustration BFA

Medium: Magazine, artist book

Faculty: Zohar Kfir

Prompt: This project explores methods of observation into the role of time in one’s personal experiences and narratives and the ways in which they evolve. The essence of personal time might be connected to childhood memories and perception, or could emerge as a personal essay incorporating memory, experience, repetition or documentation through story-telling. We will begin by defining “personal space” and utilize observations followed by evaluation and a mapping exercise to better understand and visualize how time functions in each of our lives. Students will produce a printed object that would portray the passage of time in its design and final output, utilizing various materials, binding techniques and use of imagery and typography.

My Self//Timer project is a poetry book. The writing is a collection of my reflection and thoughts on the passage of time. The first poem is a direct comparison of my room from when I was a child to the present state of my room. I start out with small examples of the drastic changes in the passage of time and then towards the end of the book I reveal my theories about about time in a more literal sense. I wanted my writing to feel both relatable but also personal.