Walker Mahany

Breathing Wall

Class of: 2024

Major: Product Design BFA

Medium: Sculpture

Faculty: Carol Peligian

Prompt: Create an object inspired by a culture that reflects time, purpose and bears witness to your own time and cultural experience.

By emphasizing the connections shared between each living organism, I argue that there are bigger things in this universe than ourselves. I think this is an important reminder in a society that has become so atomized and individualistic. My research illustrated that all living organisms are composed of the same basic molecular and atomic particles, are responsive to certain stimuli, and are prone to growth and death. I wanted to design something using repetitive structures that expand and contrast when a factor is introduced. I used printmaking paper and red tissue paper to create a series of hollow structures, each connected with clear plastic tubing. When air is introduced into the system of tubing the structures expand and reveal the red color. The whole structure is mounted to the wall and gives it the feeling that it is breathing.