Yeonjoo Noh

Beyond the mirror

Class of: 2026

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Multiple media

Faculty: Alaiyo Bradshaw

Prompt: The objective of final project was to make an open-ended artwork based on any concept and way of making, create an interpretation that reflects either a positive or an adverse reaction. We could choose to use any making centers that we learned in this class:laser cutting, printmaking, clay building, sticker printer, risograph printer etc.

I chose to make stickers to attach to the table mirror, and make my personal mirror. Therefore, I decided to use design lab for my final project. This concept derived from my childhood curiosity of what’s behind the mirror, because in media like films or animations, mirrors were often described as a theme to connect the real world with the other world. Despite it’s not like that in real life, I wanted to expand my childhood curiosity to visualization in real life. Mainly, I thought it would be great if I could make an artwork that causes viewers to participate as a part of the art.I was thinking to make the edge of my drawing look like a portal with a mysterious aesthetic, and galaxy vibes as well. Thus, the ocean and galaxy were my main themes. In contrast, I decided to make the overall color palette pastel tone that is soft, to add a more surrealistic and dreamlike atmosphere.