Yinan Xue

Memory Palace-Mangrove

Class of: 2027

Major: Illustration BFA

Medium: Paper

Faculty: Daina Mattis

Prompt: In this project, we were introduced the concept of a memory palace, with the aim of constructing an interior space through one point of view or two points of view. Then design the objects hidden in this place, and finally produce a poster.

This project aimed to utilize the memory palace technique to construct a visual scene housing information to be remembered. My creative intention was to build an immersive mangrove ecosystem inhabited by native flora and fauna within an abandoned art gallery structure. This resonated with the concept of the memory palace by linking visual imagery with information storage.

The materials and architectural choices were relevant in creating an atmospheric, memory-enhancing space. The red glass and wooden art gallery induced a sense of wonder and discovery, while the scattered frames on the ground provided contained spaces to exhibit creatures. The three-tiered structure of producer (mangrove trees) – connector (glass strips) – repository (gallery) mirrored the ecosystem hierarchy.

Sketching using one-point perspective principles allowed me to accurately convey depth and scale when translating my mental envisioning onto paper. This informed the 3D modeling process in Blender to build a structurally-sound digital scene. Finally, vintage-toned posters helped further convey both the repository concept through splitting information into parts, as well as the passage-of-time ambience via the muted coloration. Ultimately, content resonance took primacy over stylistic elements.