Yinglun Zhang

Sleeping Hoodie

Class of: 2022

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Paper

Faculty: Rachel Urkowitz

Prompt: Using paper, create a wearable piece that protects my partner from a fear or solves a limitation they describe in her story. We were to choose several pieces from the MET museum and show to the partner as inspiration.

Integrative Studio

Integrative Seminar

My partner’s fear was sleep paralysis. She suffered from it almost everyday that kept her from having a good sleep. At the MET, my partner showed me a painting full of patterns from Paul Klee and she told me that when she looked at it, she felt satisfied and calm. Along with this, some other pieces that she showed me later inspired me for the form of performing as well as the shape. In terms of protecting her fear, since she experiences fear when she is sleeping, I decided to do a helmet, but also a hoodie. It is similar to the basic form of a pillow hoodie, but looks like a helmet. I used bristol paper to make the “helmet” since it is hard and stiff. In order to make the base of the pillow hoodie, I made the pattern for a hood then modify it by learning from videos and doing researches online. I cut out the patterns for the hoodie and taped them together. After I assemble the hoodie together, I place the two “big ears” with the pattern cut out on the side by connecting them in the middle back of the hoodie. It looks like a helmet from the outside which is aggressive and distanced. Nobody could hurt her. But from the inside, which only my partner could look at, is the beautiful pattern that makes her calm and satisfied. As a supplement, I made a little pillow with tissue paper that has beautiful prints on it. When she’s scared, she can hold this tiny pillow. I also sprayed “deep sleep pillow spray” which is usually used before going to bed for better sleep quality and faster speed of falling asleep. Later in the photoshoot, it becomes a stage property that she holds.