Youngwon Jo

Fashion Retail Space

Class of: 2023

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Hardboard paper, Foam board, wood sticks, PVC, acrylic paint, miniature human and furnitures

Faculty: John Jerard

Prompt: The project aims to design and create a model of a sacred place. Space needs to be designed based on my own interest, inspirations, as well as satisfy the need of people who will be visiting the space.

As I always dreamt of retailing my own fashion products as a fashion designer, I wanted to have my own fashion boutique that reflects the brand identity. So I designed a unique retailing space that aims to give customers a special experience. The sleek white surface combined with glass is inspired by the Christian Dior boutique in Seoul, South Korea. The geometrical shape of the building delivers the idea of “Contemporary”, which directly connects to the style of garments that will be retailing; simple, made with unique materials and textiles for all genders.

Also, the building is separated into two sections and in between, there’s a bridge above the street that connects the two parts. Also, the bridge is placed in between the East and West, so people will be able to see sunrise and sunset. These characteristics will grab people’s attention, which is beneficial for marketing.

The building will be located on the 28th street of Manhattan, New York. NY is a city that’s globally famous for tourism, the capital of fashion, and is further developing as a cultural city. This will allow the building to get exposed to people around the world and easily thrive as a tourism place.

Lastly, this building aids to ease water shortage and grow a tree. New York is a city with vibrant weather, raining, and snowing annually. Therefore, I thought it would be efficient to grow an evergreen tree inside the building using collected rain/snow. By putting a tree inside a glass collar (The top plan is open to allow rain/snow) people can see the tree growing from the outside and rain/snow coming into the building. Although people tend to stay inside when it’s raining or snowing, this building will provoke them to rather visit this place.