Yousuf Ibrahim

Behind the kiss

Prompt: For this assignment, you will be analyzing the object assigned to you in class. In a short essay, deconstruct this object and break down everything you can about it. Examine its design, shape, material, uses, associated symbols, etc. Look at every single detail of this object closely, and analyze what you think these details symbolize in the context of the world today, when it was created, and if any of these details have changed or evolved. Do research to get a better understanding of your object, and find out what it has been used for overtime, what was happening in the world around it when it was created, how its meaning or use has changed. (Cite your research using footnotes.) What are some systems that intersect with this object, and why do you think they happen to be a part of this object’s “identity”?

A paper on everything and anything there is to do with the subject of lipstick. History, pop culture significance, purpose, and more.