Yutao Hua


Prompt: Imagined Landscape

This is a work about a landscape in a dream. My dreams often have many interesting elements. However, dreams can be forgotten. That’s because our brains are constantly trying to protect us from bad dreams which may hurt our mental health. To remember these dreams, I often write down these elements with pen and paper. After that, I’ll put it into the artwork.

The car in the picture is a 1996 Hyundai car. My father bought it. Nevertheless, he sold the car for 2,000 RMB (about 285 dollars). It made me feel terrible and miss the car in my dreams. So this car came into my work.

In addition, there are also some other interesting elements in the work, such as buildings suspended in the air, boats hanging from the buildings, fish swimming in the air, light turning into water, etc. The skyline shows a bright light, which means the end of the dream, the entrance of the real world.