Zhen Lyu

Blue Angle

Class of: 2024

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Digital painting

Faculty: Katerina Lanfranco

Prompt: Write or choose a short story. Make a Sequential Narrative that shows how the story develops over time by shows scenes in succession on the same divided picture plane. Think Manga, Graphic Novels, and Cartoon Strips.

The content of my work is about the plot of a movie called ‘Summer of Kikujiro’. I chose to paint this  lm because it was very moving. The  lm tells the story of a little boy who has been living with his grandmother. His father left him and her mother. He did not know where is her mother. His grandma had been lying to him that his mother was making money far, far away. He wanted very much to  nd his mother. There is an idle uncle living next door to his house. An idle uncle agreed to help the little boy find his mother in order to escape from his wife. They went to buy lottery tickets  first and won big prizes. So they ate a big and great meal and lived in a great hotel. Then they ran out of money and had to walk to  nd the boy’s mother. He finally found his mother after a long journey, but she was married to someone else. The little boy was very sad. The uncle took the little boy to the beach, gave him a wind bell, and told him that “whenever he rings the bell, a blue angel will appear to help him.” The painting is also called The Blue Angel. I paint this comic by using Procreate.