Zhengyuan Zhao


Class of: 2027

Major: Design and Technology BFA

Medium: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Faculty: Lauren Comito

Prompt: Utopia or Dystopia

It’s about the loss of identity and freedom in a futuristic, technological high-tech anonymous world. Every painting is an extensive inquiry of this dystopia and proposes original interpretation of the themes of personality and aspirations for liberty. For the first painting, I drew a regulated interior, where the spooky ghostlike figures dressed in uniforms; their faces covered with little panels showing their personal data giving an impression of total control of the world by the government. There is also an unnatural and oppressive feel to the colors and light treatment in the space, with only beams of light on the ceiling with floating particles as dynamic elements tending to suggest the presence or possible means of escaping from the outside world. I represent a colourful, but eerie cityscape in the second painting I present. A colorful rainbow bridge passes through the whole picture having a light color that serves as a channel of joining different locations. However, in this world, the colour changes of the rainbow are always controlling emotions of the human. The city floats in the light of a huge sun, an opposed background light sufficient to melt everything to underscore touched vulnerability of an individual in this world. The third painting is a description of the room which is a space fitted with the plainest of facilities and the outside world is only visible through the Windows. This sets the inside to be quite and quiet with respect to the rackets in the outside world. The stillness of the bed opposes the indifference of the outdoor architecture, underscoring the fact that in the most intimate of Spaces, people cannot get away from this tightly controlled world.