Ziqi Cheng

The Game Jar

Class of: 2026

Major: Integrated Design BFA

Medium: Glass jar, pasta, yarns, paper, etc

Faculty: Tamar Samir

Prompt: In this Bridge project, students need to develop an 8-12 page artist book on the theme which we chose in Seminar. We need to "develop a consistent visual style throughout the book. Demonstrate visual consistency through conscious, disciplined use of color, typography, composition, etc."

My theme is Community. I decided to make an artist’s book about art community in NYC and use element of pasta to interoperate the meaning. My inspiration is from an art event at The Watson Hotel held by Open Heart Initiative. I found that art is a more powerful tool that connects people together as a community. The Watson Hotel is a family shelter in NYC and all the families speak Spanish. We taught children how to make necklaces using pasta with different colors. Most of the volunteers could not speak Spanish but we still built good relationships with each other through the art-making process. Moreover, there were many parents getting involved in the activities and making necklaces with their children.The experience inspired me to arrange different colored pasta. Different colors visualize different people in the art events; the composition visualizes the connection we build through the artmaking process.