Ziqi Cheng

The Stone Family

Class of: 2026

Major: Fine Arts BFA

Medium: Accordion book, stone painting, writing

Faculty: Lauren Krauze (Seminar) and Tamar Samir (Studio)

Prompt: This bridge project is both writing a short story and making a 20 pages artist's book inspired by our experience in the neighborhood we choose and researched from the new school library and archive. In the seminar class, students need to choose an object or moment from the neighborhoods and build a back story and we need to make an artist book in studio class to enhance and respond to our stories.

The neighborhood I chose is the lower East Side Of Manhattan. My story is named The Stone Family inspired by the fishing people who live in government-donated houses after they retired and fishing become their leisure activity in the John V. Lindsay East River Park. I intended to create a black fairy tale in which people all become stones in the end, which transfer the message that human need to be truthful and respect nature and also expose the greed, dishonesty, and selfishness of human being. I appreciate my creative plots and the form of my story which is playful with risk-taking. My artist’s book has two parts, the one is the painting of the stones which shows the visual element in my story including, fish, ocean waves, and houses which are contained in a cylindershaped black and white box. The other part is an accordion book with stone collages that visualize different family structures and relationships between members, for example, nuclear families, single-parent families, extended families, childless families, grandparents families, and so on; each stone symbolizes one person. I build a bridge for the story from the Seminar and the artist book from Studio successfully.