Conquer your Finals by taking a PARSONS MAKES! workshop!

**More PARSONS MAKES workshops are coming up, in time for finals!**

Workshops are running for the next 2 weeks, ending Sunday, 4/10/22.

We have a HUGE week of Workshops just for YOU!

Saturday April 2nd:

10am – Intro to Woodworking

10am – Intro to Laser Cutting + Etching

1pm – Intro to the Industrial Sewing Machine 



10am – Clay Hand-Building Techniques – AT CAPACITY

2pm – Clay Hand-Building Techniques – 5 Slots left

Please check out the website for all the information about this new workshop AND if you haven’t already, fill out this brief form to get the most up-to-date info on how to reserve your spot!

Sunday April 3rd:

3:30pm – Getting to Know the Domestic Sewing Machine 

Tuesday April 5th :

9am – Intro to Woodworking*  *LAST Woodshop Workshop this semester!

Thursday April 7th:

NEW Speciality: 9am – More Info SOON! (May have this info before you run the newsletter on Fri)

6pm – Intro to Laser Cutting + Etching

7pm – Intro to Plaster + Alginate

Friday April 8th:

12:30pm – Getting to Know the Domestic Sewing Machine* 

*LAST Domestic Sewing Workshop this semester!

Check out the website for the FULL list of remaining workshops days/times and requirements to attend! We will also be adding one more NEW Speciality workshop for 4/7 and 4/10 so be on the lookout for an email from us!  

What Workshop will help you make your FINAL projects AWESOME?

Let’s Get Making!