First Year Student Workshop: Boxes, Buildings, Urban Grids | Linear Perspective Explained

There is more to the box than meets the eye–In this workshop with Parsons faculty member Daina Mattis, students will upcycle and transform a modest Amazon shipping box into buildings, skyscrapers, and possibly an urban grid. Beginning with observational drawing and applying basic principles/rules, terminology, and in-class demonstrations students will expand to apply these lessons with their imagination. One-Point, Two-Point, and Three-Point Perspective will be compared and explained so attendees gain the skill of identifying the variations and applying them to their own work and careers. This workshop will include animated Power-Point Slides, hands-on fieldwork from first-hand observation, and instructor demonstrations to better understand our vantage point and perceptual limitations with the rules of Linear Perspective. Students should be prepared with erasers, pencils, rulers, and drawing pads. See this PDF for a list of suggested materials.Please see this materials list to be sure you come prepared with all the necessary materials.

Thursday, November 3, 2022
7:00PM – 9:00PM 
Rm 802 | Studio
8th Fl | 2 W 13th St Building