First Year Student Workshop: Dyeing with Regional Plants!

Join in on Tuesday evening, November 9th from 7pm – 8:30pm EST, as Parsons faculty Laura Sansone leads: Dyeing with Regional Plants!

The Dyeing with Regional Plants workshop teaches students how to extract dye from plants, how to shift the pH of the dye in order to change colors, and how to go about dyeing various natural fibers. Dyeing with Regional Plants also discusses bioregional textile production and how to design using the capacities and limitations of specific ecosystems. Our exploration will address ways we might apply this methodology to our current manufacturing systems in order to implement regenerative production of clothing, textile products and interior designs. In this workshop, we will also discuss circularity and re-purposing as we use textile scraps, agricultural byproducts and food waste as materials.

The Zoom link is available in the most recent First Year Newsletter or in your University email on Tuesday!