First Year Workshop: Sashiko Mending and Improvisational Stitching

Hello First Year students! We hope you’ll join in on Friday April 9 from 6-7:30 PM ET for our next student workshop: Sashiko Mending and Improvisational Stitching led by Laura Sansone!

Be sure to check the most recent First Year newsletter for the Zoom link and password 🙂  

Sashiko is a Japanese embroidery technique that uses small running stitches as a reinforcement on fabric. This workshop teaches students basic Sashiko mending as well as darning and improvisational stitching methods. We explore how hand stitching can embed deeper meaning into our clothing and textiles. We’ll consider the circular fashion ethos and reflect on how textile repair and re-purposing can be used as a way to shift consumer behavior away from the “fast fashion” linear model and inspire us to build deep value in the things we purchase and use, particularly clothing. Supplies aren’t required to attend this workshop. Participants can also observe and take notes.

Materials: Assortment of needles (embroidery and darning)

Embroidery thread



Fabric markers (tailor’s chalk, quilter’s white pencil, erasable fabric marker)

Darning egg (optional)

Textile scraps