First Year Workshop: Punk Rock Pastels and Paint

Empowering techniques for greater creative expression

We hope you’ll join us for another exciting First Year student workshop this week – check your University email for the Zoom link and password!

Punk Rock Pastels & Paint: Empowering techniques for greater creative expression

Led by Joey Christiano Diaz
Friday, April 16, 6:30-8pm EST

Join your Parsons First Year creative community for a raucous to serene paradoxical Friday evening of movement, mark-making, and community connection! Through a diverse range of somatic engagements integrated with line and color application, you will learn new ways to approach your creative practice. You will explore empowering ways to trust your instincts and take creative risks that can ultimately allow for your artworks and designs to have a much greater impact. This workshop encourages a spirit of play and experimentation.

What to bring:


  • 3 sheets of large drawing paper (24” x 36” or larger is ideal, smaller can work)
  • 2 sheets of canvas paper or canvas panels, or any surface suitable for acrylic paint
  • a variety of warm and cool colors in acrylic paint
  • a minimum of 2 warm & 2 cool colored soft pastels (or chalk) and/or oil pastels
  • charcoal sticks or vines
  • a sketchbook or journal
  • a rag to smudge charcoal and paint


  • a blending stick
  • white gesso
  • a bandana or other item if you decide on the option to cover your eyes for one exercise

Preparation: Wear comfortable clothing to move in, and that is suitable for getting charcoal and paint on. Please set up your space with 3 sheets of large paper taped to your wall or on a board or set on a table. Ensure you have an area to draw and/or paint with the option to stand or move. Please arrive on Zoom at the start time and not beyond 10 minutes late.