Newspaper Club is back for the Summer!

Newspaper Club | A School Paper, Made BY YOU, FOR YOU!

Meetings for The School Newspaper Club with Parsons faculty member Rodger Stevens will continue to take place this summer! These meetings will follow up on our mission to create a unique school paper – one conceptualized, produced, and maintained by students, for students. We will continue the work begun in Spring 2021, shaping every aspect of setting up and creating content for a serial publication that will exist on social media, as a website, and as a fully-realized, thoroughly unconventional publication. Everyone is welcome! No materials will be required to join this Club, only a willingness to try and make this thing happen! 

Newspaper Club will be held this summer every three Wednesdays starting June 1. The following sessions will be held on June 22, July 13, and August 3.

Be sure to head over to your New School email for the Zoom link to participate!!