Hannah Amini

Quarter-life check-in - Incoming Class of 2021

You mentioned in our initial conversation that you were having a “quarter-life crisis.” What does that look like?

A lot of denial, overcompensation, and a drastic appearance or lifestyle change. Previous crises have included self-cut bangs, veganism, and an intense urge to study abroad in Italy.

How has the Parsons application process opened your eyes?

The biggest thing I learned was the distinction between making things and creating art. I feel like I used to make clothes just for the sake of looking at something pretty; now I’m really trying to figure out why I like fashion so much and what message I am truly trying to convey with my clothing.

Has a sense of home started forming around Parsons School of Design?

I’m lucky to have a really good living situation; coming home every day to a cozy apartment and roommates that I get along really well with makes the change of moving here a lot easier. There’s nothing like coming back from four classes to my roommates’ homemade turkey burgers!

Parsons faculty or alumni who inspired you to apply?

I found out about The New School from the show Project Runway, so naturally I have to say Tim Gunn. When I was 15, I posted a collage of him on my Instagram for his birthday.

Which is worse, being right or wrong?

Oh god, being wrong. There’s nothing wrong in being completely confident in your position on something only to realize that it was absolutely false.

So being wrong is right?

This question just sent me into a deep hole. Is anything even right? How do we really know? Now I am stressed out.

Plans for stress management?

Before coming here, I planned to regularly exercise, sleep before midnight, and journal regularly. I haven’t done any of those things, but I have eaten a lot of Trader Joe’s chocolate chip dunkers. A different method of self-care, but still effective.

Entertaining MTA subway anecdotes?

I have to take the subway often for work, so I’m surprised that I haven’t witnessed something interesting yet. Today it was REALLY crowded and people were fighting so hard to open the train doors and squeeze in, spilling their coffee and everything. I felt like I was experiencing an apocalypse for a second.

What about your dreams helps you keep your reality real?

The little things. Last week at work I spent an hour removing beads from a gown and sewing new ones in their place. It was a really tedious task but I wasn’t bored at all. I was awestruck that I was contributing to the designers whose runway shows I’ve watched at 2:00 a.m. while avoiding finishing AP Calculus homework.

What about your identity might not fit in a NYC apartment?

MY DOG. A shih tzu.

What would be the title for a blog about your application process to Parsons/TNS?

How to Apply to College: Advice from Someone Who Did It Completely Wrong.

Could you share two portfolio images and tell us one thing about each image you’ve never told anyone?

I made half of this dress in a hotel room in LA.

I made this dress on the day of my high school’s homecoming game, and I was rushing to take pictures of it for my portfolio before I left for the game. It started to rain halfway through my drive to school and that was when I realized that I left the dress outside! I had to drive all the way home to drag it back inside, and I spent the whole game praying that my dressform wouldn’t be stained red.

What and/or who are you going to miss the most in San Jose, CA?

Driving! I miss the complete privacy I had to sing at the top of my lungs in my Mini Cooper back home. I’m pretty sure that people would think I was actually insane if I did that on my walks to class now.

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