Adam Wormhoudt

Reinforced Deterioration

Class of: 2024

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Multi media, paper, cardboard, thread, paper fastens

Faculty: Natalia Zubko

Prompt: The assignment was to create a collapsable (and expandable) structure without the use of glue or tape and then attach it to the body to illustrate a time feeling especially connected or disconnected.

I made a discovery that one of the collapsable structures could be altered to form an expandable tube. In this representation, the hands are bound and contained within the structure. The feeling of being trapped within and thus forcibly disconnected for the external world even when the means of connection is present, the hands being visible, is the intended effect on the wearer and what should be conveyed to the viewer. The opening and closing of the structure, while not entirely complex when the basic elements are understood, still required precision and planning to function completely properly. The strips that make up the collapsable segment were all carefully measured and assembled. To create a solid structure capable of expanding and collapsing a solid point of connection was necessary. To do this armbands of scored cardboard tied with thread were constructed and employed.