Jiwoo Kang

Rabbit Hole

Class of: 2022

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Digital media

Faculty: Richard Salcer

Prompt: In this project, I designed a custom-made cosmetics bottle and its outer packaging for either a male, female or unisex fragrance. This project took 2 weeks.

In this fragrance packaging design work, I was inspired by Alice in Wonderland and various other elements such as playing card, drink me bottle, and rabbit hole from tale and described them into perfume packaging.

The whole story was set as a hidden secret fragrance laboratory in Wonderland. This project focused on how to express elements such as logo, CMF, and even small tag to help customers understand and feel the design naturally.

To make this concept, I got keywords of ‘pop, vivid, playing card, pattern, mysterious but re ned’. For the box and bottle’s color, material, and finishing, I picked the mixture of translucent and transparent hard plastic, and glass to represent the mysterious image.

Also I got motif of fragrance bottle form, tag and the way of using behavior from ‘drink me bottle’ in the tale which Alice drinks to change her own size of body.