Alessia Crickette


Class of: 2024

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Photoshop

Faculty: Sonya Sklaroff

Prompt: The assignment consisted in abstracting the human figure based on any of my drawings and finding one simple color representation of a 4×4 inch section of the drawing that I found compositionally intriguing. I finally had to create a grid repeating the image so that I could play with the forms next to one another.

This piece fit the given assignment as I selected a previous sketch of mine to use as the composition that makes use of orientation and directional focus to call attention to the different aspects of the image. I chose to select this specific area of my drawing because I felt like it highlighted the relationship between form within the image and the viewer’s perspective the most. I made use of rotation with each image to skew the viewer’s perspective of the grid and create an illusion of continuous contortion. I also used an array of colors to feature the smaller details within my image and the various shapes that break up the composition of each image within the grid.