Yuka Tamura


Class of: 2024

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Mixed media

Faculty: Christian Nguyen

Prompt: We made a tiny house, which could be any architectural structure, to put in an actual location near where we live.

This futuristic yet primitive design was inspired by Barbapapa’s New House. The bubble rooms decorated to each family member’s desires seemed to me very appealing. I had an intention to create a house for a family with many kids so I chose a park near my home for the location.The purpose of this house is open to your imagination! Possibly for a multi family, play house, music festival, yoga training dormitory, etc. The material I chose was very much dependent to the organic shapes in the design. I created a house that is not very practical, however, I think it  ts very well with the concept I chose which was the ideal for kids or adults that dream big!!