Alexis O’Neill

Snail Mail

Class of: 2022

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: paper book

Faculty: Dimitri Koumbis

Prompt: We were given the creative freedom to create and market a product of our interest. Accompanying the product was a pitch deck looking into the customer profile, production and so forth.

After writing and constructing an event score in my first- semester studio class asking strangers/peers to write love, I knew the responses. I collected needed to be shared with the world. Under my developing brand “Love, Lexi, I organized the collected encouragements and created an envelope book to hold all of the little cards. The book holds about 30 cards, divided into 3 sections. Lastly, the book also contains its own postcard as a call to action to bring back the love and appreciation of snail mail/what it means to make time for each other.