Donna Chi


Class of: 2022

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: 3D printing plastic

Faculty: Dimitri Koumbis

Prompt: Apply the design process and design thinking in order to create a sustainable consumer good and/or service. Create a personal brand and be able to visually communicate it through a variety of media. To plan, organize and design a short-term retail space that acts as a touch point for the introduction and sale of student designed products and/or services.

My intention is to create a modern toy collection based on a dragon figure. I want to make it looks characteristic so I made it look different on two sides. It show unique detailing and charming craftsmanship create a playful sensibility throughout whole design. It is done by 3D printing because I want it to look accurate. It is 3 inch in height and all hand-painted. The color choice is vibrant and high-key, so it can easily attract audience’s attention. Each toy is unique and it fit the pop-up theme. A whole drago collection allow customers to pick their favorite one.