Samuel Smith

An Ohio Spring Dream

Class of: 2023

Major: Photography BFA

Medium: Photography

Faculty: Elizabeth Wentling

Prompt: This project was very open-ended, you could choose the subject you wanted to photograph. All we had to do was plan the subject matter and aesthetic, show inspiration, and the plan of execution for the photographic work.

This collection of work includes the warm colors of spring and various objects found around the comfort of my home in Ohio. The intent with the use of flowers is to show what spring looks like for me right now. I included other objects of interest to showcase the perspective with which I look at spring now, in quarantine, and living a life I never could have expected just a few months back. It’s been difficult for me, trying to fulfill my duties as a student at Parsons with the global pandemic of COVID-19, and so this is me trying my best to make do with what I have here now.