Anabella Orellana

Tracing Perspective Project

Class of: 2024

Major: Illustration BFA

Medium: Prismacolor pencil

Faculty: Alaiyo Bradshaw

Prompt: For the tracing perspective project, we studied first point perspective and practiced it within our living spaces. The goal for this assignment was to create the illusion of a three-dimensional space drawn onto a two-dimensional surface. At  first, I had a lot of trouble  finding the right location to trace for the acetate drawing. I  finally decided to capture this hallway that enters the kitchen in my living space as it was in first point perspective.

This is the final product. The vanishing point is still visible on the wall. But above it, I captured the two Ecuadorian paintings that are legitimately in my kitchen. Originally, the cross was made of bamboo and balanced on a vent. I was inspired by a wood shop I had walked by a few days ago that also sold wooden crosses. I wanted to draw the cross but instead I colored it brown and detailed it to give it texture of wood. I really didn’t like the vent, so I subconsciously told myself that roses would be appropriate. I enjoy the form it creates. The refrigerator in my kitchen was originally white and above it stood a black container. I changed this container to a vase at the start and I attempted some decorative pattern to make it appear porcelain. And I made the choice of turning my refrigerator pink because it looked dull in real life. This experimentation of colors also inspired me to make the brown drawers a teal color and the metal bookshelf red. The microwave remained white to balance this craze of color out. I have no living room. Instead, I went for a surrealism landscape vibe and created this in the space where the living room would be viewable. And on the wall, there was originally a flat painting hung. I chose to make it somewhat of a window that connected the landscape between scenes. I decided to create this rhythm and repetition of lamp posts that extended neon lights across the picture plane. Behind it is a beautiful sunset and below is the display of a road with some grass. I felt inspired to capture this because it made me feel peaceful. I call this piece, Surviving vs Living.