Anadya Sibal

The GUCCI Normal

Class of: 2023

Major: Strategic Design and Management BBA

Medium: Photography and digital manipulation

Faculty: Miguel Villalobos

Prompt: For our final project, we had to choose a major fashion brand and rebrand it. We had to create a communication piece that reflects the same.

My inspiration for the revamp of GUCCI stems from my cultural heritage. My vision was to create something fundamentally Indian, yet authentically GUCCI. This set of 5 postcards features photographs and text that has been digitally manipulated to portray the rebranding.

I wanted the postcards to reflect different parts of the GUCCI brand, from accessories to home decor. One of the designs features earrings, solely made from manipulating the new Double G logo, placed on an illustration of a dog. Also included is a rendering of a bathroom, featuring one of the postcard designs in the form of wallpaper.

The backgrounds of the postcards are photographs of various types of Indian art, from traditional Tanjores to embroidery. The redesigned GUCCI logos are inspired by Hindi, in the Devanagari script, one of the two official languages of india. I aimed to create designs that are fun and refreshing, inspired by Gucci’s current portrayal and marketing strategy, but with a subtle Indian twist. The other side features the format of a typical postcard, so that once printed and distributed, the GUCCI postcards can actually be used.