Ting-En Tsai

Final Project

Class of: 2023

Major: Illustration BFA

Medium: Digital illustration

Faculty: Bill Kartalopoulos

Prompt: Your final project is an open assignment with no restrictions regarding content. Yet, it should be two VERTICAL 8 1/2 x 11′′ pages. These will be laid out in the digital class zine as a two-page spread, so the two pages will be seen next to one another. These should be black and white or greyscale comics for the print-ready zine document.

Since this project has no restriction on its content, I decided to do something that hasn’t been done so far in the semester. There are stories or artworks not clearly explaining everything they perform. Instead, they provide a large space for the audience to interpret what the stories are telling, both symbolically and narratively. I found this narrative style attracts me a lot, so I made the final project based on its concept. The changed background, unclear dialogue, and bizarre visual information in this comic are meant to be confusing. With those somehow informative but still weird and messy hints in the comic, I wish every reader would interpret and come up with their own version of the cause and effect in the story.