Anaïs Scott

It Takes Courage to Enjoy It

Class of: 2024

Major: Fine Arts BFA

Medium: Zine

Faculty: Jeanne Verdoux

Prompt: The course assignment was to create a zine about your experience during the recent spring semester using a collaboration of drawing, images, and typography.

My work is a product of my experience abroad in Singapore, and my journey to move towards acceptance of my and the world’s covid-induced situation. Singapore has shown to be very similar to my origin city of New York, but as someone who has always struggled with transition, fully embracing my temporary home was a challenge. It was especially difficult to be so far away from my family to whom I tightly clung during the first critical phase of the virus. It took time to work with myself in nurturing a healthier mindset to overcome the anxiety of being so far from everything familiar. Gradually, I learned to immensely enjoy the friends and family I have in Singapore and at the same time drawing closer to those who wait for me back home in New York. My zine serves as a mental journey towards the enjoyment of an environment that was once unfamiliar and fearsome to me. The work is composed of personal material and illustrations sourced from both Singapore and New York, accompanied by a narrative highlighting reflections from the past five months.