Celine Kim

Racial Integration Series

Class of: 2024

Major: Illustration BFA

Medium: Mixed media, acrylic on canvas

Faculty: Joseph Colonna (Seminar) and Bryan Melillo (Studio)

Prompt: This project was to create a final art piece that can show our own visual language under a big content. For my main theme, I chose 'race', and for the specific topic, I tried to talk about prejudices of race and the impact of racism in our life. By focusing on how I can visualize my message to the spectators, I tried to experiment and create different ways of prototypes and develop my idea process into a final artwork.

‘ No matter what they say, we should be ourselves. ‘Difference’ should not become the basis of ‘discrimination.’ Our differences should be respected as a new ‘creation’ and the day will come when racial integration can be achieved. ‘ By getting inspiration from this quote from the Integrative Seminar II essay, I wanted to explore about visual language that I’ve been studying for this semester in Integrative Studio II. For my Racial Integration series, this pottery would be the main piece and the painting, called, ‘Encounter’ would be the secondary piece. Since my nationality is Korean, I wanted to talk about the beauty that our country has. Korean ceramic history is one of the famous deep-rooted histories. To emphasize our own uniqueness and beauty in Korea, I tried to make a Korean traditional style of pottery for this project. In order to show ‘Racial Integration’, I tried to draw different kinds of races and emphasize the unification with flowers. By watching this pottery, I want to show the story or an imaginative world that is achieving racial integration. To visualize my quote into an art piece, I tried to imagine the scenes that come up to my mind as I draw through. Also, I made an art piece that can give a mysterious feeling under the theme, race. I got the inspiration from my idea of what if I draw the moment when people first encountered another race in a surrealistic way. By using the metaphor of flowers to ethnicities, I want to give eerie but beautiful feelings to the viewer. I tried to transform the usual skin color into mint color to emphasize the matterless of skin color and show how every people would be interested in a new color human at the first moment when they encounter it.