Anastasiia Zubyk

Remembering my Future

Class of: 2024

Major: Fine Arts BFA

Medium: Video

Faculty: Joseph Christiano Diaz

Prompt: The idea was to tell an imaginative nonlinear or linear story about a significant transformative occurrence that took place in my imaginative future several decades later. In this world I allowed my values to prosper and influence the world accordingly. This would be an occurrence that affected me personally and may have had global implications as well. The story is fictional.

“Remembering my future” is an abstract and nonlinear piece that tells a story about the future of my vision. I chose the abstract format of the video because it allows more artistic expression and freedom for individual perception. The movie contrasts the two extremes of heavy industrial and light natural environments. It does not just show; it says, almost screams a message at you, without literally doing it. From the narrator’s perspective, I wanted my piece to provoke a deeper contemplation and allow the viewer to define his boundaries of thought. From an artistic perspective, I wanted the very essence of “art” to speak. Henceforth, I paid individual attention to the colors and sounds. For example, I used an ADS filter on my Fuji  lm camera to shoot industrial imagery – the yellow and brown tones of the   filter intensify the feeling of suffocation. I also inserted an eye scene to create a connection between the color and emotion and create a light transition between the scenes. My process was spontaneous, and I enjoyed the creative   ow that transformed my original shot list. First, I filmed what appealed to me; I recorded what spoke. Then I spent a reasonable amount of time playing with editing, and for the   first time, I felt in charge and courageous enough to experiment. I even got somewhat intuitive with the software. Lastly, I would like to mention that the video holds a personal meaning to me, and as much as I want to voice my opinion, I only give clues to my viewer. I intended to create enough symbolic connections to guide my viewer, but I never wanted it to be an open book.