Qiongyao (Joanne) Zhan

Imagine 2085

Class of: 2024

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Video

Faculty: Joseph Christiano Diaz

Prompt: It is about visualizing a fictional story of 2085

This project is about the letter from me of 2085 to me of 2029. And the method of sending this letter is by reflecting my mind from my brain directly (since everyone is implanted in a chip in the brain 2085) and there will be a message appear on my phone in 2029. My letter is about that I want to remind me of 2029 do not consider cloning parents. An important thing happened in 2029 is that country Z legalized the production of cloning human beings because of extremely low fertility rate. This video employed methods of Photo Roman and animation I did.

For Audio: I divide it into 2 parts: 2085 and 2029. The soundscape of 2085 is mostly composed of artificial sound. (a sense of the future sound) There’s no narration about letter, the letter is visualized on the screen with layered sound. The soundscape of 2029 includes sound from newsreaders in different languages(layered), people comment on the news(typing sound), writing sound and etc. For Visual: 2085 is mainly composed of silver, black and white color to express depression. 2029 is more colorful and the scene looks like recent world. What I learned from this project is get a chance to know a little bit about AE and explore more interesting effects/sequences in premiere pro. And I want to convey an idea is that do not forget humanity in this world with the rapid development of artificial intelligence.