Andria Shafer

Sex in Disasters

Class of: 2025

Major: Fine Arts BFA

Medium: Sculpture

Faculty: Alison McNulty

Prompt: The assignment was to create an inhabitable space for a polyhedron based on an ecological issue.

The ecological issue I chose to address in my piece was the connection climate change has on increased sex work in New York and globally. Through texture and shape, I wanted to focus on the way in which people have resorted to sex work due to homelessness and financial distress caused by natural disasters. I chose to use a hexahedron and a dodecahedron as my polyhedrons because the hexahedron represents earth and the dodecahedron represents life. The elements, earth and life, relate to the ecological issue because the earth is what is being physically impacted by climate change, which impacts people’s lives and paths. I wanted the inside of the space to feel sweet and sexy, relating back to how people see sex work when glorified. I also wanted the space to feel like it is trapping the inside cube. It is easy to see through like a peep show, revoking privacy of of the cube being held inside. I also burned parts of the lace to show subtle changes and destruction of the structure, relating back to the issue of climate change. Additionally, I added fur to give the feeling of warmth despite the off putting color.