Angel Luo

Painted Day

Class of: 2024

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Digital Illustration/Animation

Faculty: Matt Whitman

Prompt: The final project asked that we revisit a prior work, of which I chose the multiple frames assignment. The aforementioned assignment asked that we detail the happenstances of a normal day in multiple frames.

The video metaphorically depicts the process of starting and finishing a painting, from when pigment gets squirted on palette to when an expression floats onto a blank canvas. During breaks, I often sectioned off days specifically to paint or sew, and save for eating and drinking, would focus on that artwork above all else. This photoshop visualizes one of these days, though I’ve not specified which one. After these periods, I’d either get annoyed with the lack of improvement or relatively content with the progress and let that inform my work later on. Sometimes I’d consider those days wasted, but I always look back on them with a more whimsical eye, feeling the moment dance around in my head.