Angel Xu

Feminine Power Suits

Class of: 2027

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Digital

Faculty: Tamara Albu

Prompt: This project aims to look into Imperfect Beauty and develop a visual, textural research.

My project explores the concepts behind women’s power suits in the 90’s. I took inspiration from the original looks and recreated a modern version of “power suits” for women, in which the silhouettes no longer need to imitate the visual features of men. The style is more feminine and elegant. In the process, I adapted the symbolic meanings behind snowflakes and glaciers, not only because of their exquisite and clean visuals but also because how their physical properties. Ice is naturally clear and hard to break, but some of its forms such as snowflakes are hard on the surface, while brittle. This juxtaposition reflects the frustration behind the conventional power suit for women, because for ladies back in that time: despite dressing up like men, it did not entitle them with the same power and status.