Chelsea Stafford

Sensory Observation

Class of: 2027

Major: Illustration BFA

Medium: Slideshow

Faculty: Courtney Morgan

Prompt: Through the exploration of making, create a piece that embodies the intersections of belonging and private space. For this project you will work in a group to do the following: (1) Create a collaborative definition of belonging (2) Sensory observe a private space and document that observation using a observation framework (4) Create a sensory piece that embodies the intersection of belonging and private space (5) Write a abstract or project statement (6) Brainstorm a list of questions generated by your piece, readings and/or observations.

Your presentation must contain: Belonging definition Sensory observations that you’ve taken in a private space, capture aspects of the space or the activity within it that have caught your attention and that connect with your definition of belonging. Clearly defined sensory observation and experience Creative piece documentation A well-written paragraph abstract or project statement in which you describe your observation (ex.what’s in the photo, when was it taken), connection of your piece to one of the seminar readings, at least one properly integrated direct quote from each of the source(s) chosen, and this quote should be connected to a footnote. A brainstormed list of 3-5 questions generated by your observation, readings, and/or piece. At the end of the slide show you should include a Chicago notes-bibliography-style bibliography with all of the sources you cited in the presentation.