Angela Chen

Interior View

Class of: 2023

Major: Illustration BFA

Medium: Oil on canvas

Faculty: Margaret Krug

Prompt: This was the last project of the semester. Since we were all in quarantine, Margaret wanted us to paint an interior space for our final piece. The interior we chose had to have an opening like a window or door. This painting had to be done from observation, though we were allowed to use a few photo references.

My painting takes place at night and depicts a bathroom, hallway, some doors, and the beginning of a small staircase. This piece fits into the given assignment because it portrays an interior space with openings, such as the doors and bathroom entrance. My creative intention was to make a painting that was relatively simple and slightly abstract. I chose to paint this hallway because it was the least cluttered part of my house. While I was painting, I incorporated only the most important elements of the space into my piece. I left out minor details like the clothes hangers in the bathroom; this is because I felt the painting wouldn’t be much different without them. This painting was almost completely done from observation. I only used photo references for the stairs and other small details. I worked on this painting throughout the day, even when the light began to change. I used warm colors because the other three paintings I did for this class were cool colored. My research informed my studio outcome by inspiring some of the visual elements of my piece. I was inspired by the genre paintings in my professor’s book An Artist’s Handbook: Materials and Techniques. Before I started on my painting, I read the article Inside which was also written by my professor. This article featured various works by artists like Edward Hopper and Hammershøi. I was particularly inspired by the paintings and pencil sketches featured in the article. I felt that this research I did was necessary and that it positively influenced my painting. This was my first time painting an indoor space, and overall I’m happy with the way it turned out.