Priscilla Villacres

Flavors of Depression

Class of: 2023

Major: Fine Arts BFA

Medium: Digital Campaign/Poster and Cards

Faculty: Niberca (Gigi) Lluberes Rinicon

Prompt: Mental Health Campaign

My campaign is to raise general understandings about the different types of depression. I chose to highlight the 9 most common types of depression as different ice cream flavors because I was inspired by the way my psychiatrist had described Major Depressive Disorder as “vanilla depression” to my mom when she was explaining my own diagnosis (Bipolar Disorder). I wanted to make my campaign informational but also approachable and fun. Along with my poster, I had made copies of business card-sized highlights about each of the different forms of depression. I put up the poster in the lobby of the Parsons main building for a couple of days.