Anna Blyumenkrants

Amsterdam Through Color and Abstraction

Class of: 2024

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Digital

Faculty: Emily Barnett

Prompt: A final open project with a primary focus on color usage highlighting the knowledge of color and color concepts we have explored in the course.

Using color to speak about the sights of Amsterdam, my intention was to showcase the diversity within the city through four different color palettes and abstract designs based on the observation of the forms, colors, and patterns of the city. Keeping in mind the concepts of color relativity, transparency, chroma, rhythm, and unity. With every next page the “color palette of Amsterdam” increases in chroma becoming more saturated and representing the exploration of the city. The book demonstrates a gradual transition of color and its intensity through abstract designs inspired by my photography. This book is about the way you could look at and see Amsterdam and hence the last page consists of the thoughts of others, people who have either visited or lived in Amsterdam. I have asked people on social media to share what their vision of Amsterdam is like, their experiences and views were added onto the last page as a symbolism of diversity showing how different one’s perception of the same place can be, encouraging to “visit Amsterdam and explore in your own unique way.”