Haoruo Wang

Fashion Styling

Class of: 2024

Major: Photography BFA

Medium: Photography

Faculty: Tamar Samir

Prompt: For your final project in this class, choose one of these general topics: identity, love, spirit, or survival. Choose a specific, personal theme within the larger topic that you will research and write about in Seminar. In Studio, you will create a styled series of 8 photos to express this topic. Choose a specific theme and express it through a styled fashion photoshoot.

For the Bridge 2 Research Project in Integrative Seminar class, my research topic is “The reason behind pink tax in America”. As “pink tax” refers to the phenomenon that women’s products are usually more expensive than identical products for men. The unreasonable fees are still apparently existing nowadays. At the same time, some products even contain fewer contents with a higher price, and appear to be girly and feminine, which is called “shrink it and pink it”.

My mood board focuses on how women are trapped in this social situation. To exaggerate the extra fees and those fake values, I employed elements including dollars (which are actually tissues that look like the dollar) and golden necklaces (which are plain chains in golden color). To show that women are banned in this situation beneath the surface of the price differences, I used ropes and bandages. Lastly, the torn paper stands for the process of breaking free, which is very likely to happen in the near future, according to existing law to eliminate gender-based price differences.