Anna Khan

Buried And Vandalized Apples

Class of: 2027

Major: Illustration BFA

Medium: Book

Faculty: Kori Shavit

Prompt: To make a book spread that would reflect on the experience I had as a witness and participant in the group performance that happened during the class by using imagery and text.

There is something interesting about burying a fully edible fruit – an unwillingness to do so. This feeling, almost an instinct, is very similar to internal resistance overtaking when one decides to get rid of a memory or a habit. During the walking performance that took place on 13th St and consisted of walking around the block in a circle for an hour and being given an apple to interact with in any way imaginable, I buried an apple in an empty pot near some hotel. It was an attempt to psychologically discard my recurring habit of being late to classes that became an ongoing issue for me. While the first page explores the place that action had in the world at the time of burying from a strangers standpoint, the second page traces the idea of what makes a witness to become a participant. As the pictured intangible apple cannot be said to be going whether up not nor down into the soil, the process of burying is not forgetting nor eliminating. The very action of burial refuses to forget, like the person who is stuck in their ways. “Habits die hard”, but it is notable that they rather not die at all; they are neuro paths burned into our brains forever. Yet, we strive to forget which is why burying is an intriguing process and why I ended up performing it on that day. In my conceptual exploration of burying being the action of wanting to change and on the other hand refusing to do so, the design for Buried And Vandalized Apples was created.