Anna Savinova

Deathcrush Perfume

Class of: 2024

Major: Product Design BFA

Medium: 3D rendering

Faculty: Richard Salcer

Prompt: This was our first assignment, where we would have to create a product and its packaging and render it in 3D. We had to make a perfume bottle and its box, inspired by the target audience we want to sell it to.

When creating the look for the perfume, I was inspired by the Goth and Metal subcultures. I wanted to create a product that would 􀂦t right in with the dark and mysterious aesthetic that subcultures have, especially for the women of the scene. I also attribute myself to the metal subculture, and a lot of the people I know around me are also in that scene. This helped me to get the right look and the right scents for Deathcrush. I got the name from the song Deathcrush, written by a great black metal band- Mayhem. In the sketches below, you can see how I brainstormed the logo; my inspiration for it was the logos used in black metal album covers, hence the name choice. I initially wanted to place the perfume inside a coffin-shaped box but ended up with a beautiful and alluring black marble box, which I do believe looks more appealing in this situation. The scents that this perfume has are wild cherry, red wine, Rich tobacco, and a hint of leather; this mix of gorgeous bouquets perfectly describes the nature of my target audience.