Anna Sham


Class of: 2023

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Branding/UX Design

Faculty: Kate Teale

Prompt: We were required to focus on identifying, researching and developing an idea/question/problem that will lead us to a self-proposed final project and body of work. The topic we choose for Seminar is related to our project in Studio. The final project is set either in MoMA or PS1.

The stigmatization around “Tiger Parenting” in current society is often misunderstood, therefore I did a study investigating mental health issues caused by tiger parenting while comparing Asian American and European American culture. For my solution, I have decided to design an app that targets high school and college students by incorporating AI and technology.

The final design is an app (Ease) that monitors a person’s anxiety daily based on the daily questionnaire that starts with the most simple, yet comforting question, “How are you feeling?” to ameliorate/facilitate an individual’s mental health.