Aimee Chang


Class of: 2023

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Photography

Faculty: Tamar Samir

Prompt: This is an Integrative Studio : Fashion project where I have to create a project according to the chosen theme, Amplify. In this project, I am asked to create a project, in any form, to amplify a current situation.

My bridge 4 Final result is a series of photographs that shows the outbreaking of a general body ideal of being too slim like models OR being like the plus sizes models that are strongly restricted to “hour shape glass bodies.”

The two main messages I want to amplify for the current world’s situation is the lack of inclusiveness of the majority of women and men due to the dominant attention on bodies that are specific to certain shapes or sizes and to showcase the restrictions of how this mindset is influencing the industry. These days, advertisements create strong imagery of how women are beautiful regardless of their weight nor size but yet, this has also created controversies saying that only a certain size and shape of “plus-sizes” are included. Not only do they made an effort to let plus-size bodies feel inclusive, but on the other hand, people that are averaged or not part of the beauty campaign standards are being excluded this way. Furthermore, famous brands that often serve as trendsetters for the fashion industry are hesitant in many ways to include larger sizes as they believe that it looks “unhealthy”. These influence and mindset are still strongly implemented in many people’s mindsets. Thus, this project is made to project this idea of how the two specific types of bodies (model-like and hourglass-shaped) are the biggest factors that the averaged women, as presented by the model inside a nude-colored pantyhose material, needs to be outbreak from.