Antara Chatterjee

Take the Bull by its Horns

Class of: 2027

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Digital-Photoshop

Faculty: Ruth Liberman

Prompt: We were asked to merge ourselves with animals in photoshop, whose characteristics we most associated with our self-identity.

In this work I chose to merge myself with the mighty bull to draw attention to its characteristics of valour and strength, positive attributes I wish to imbibe. I titled this work, “Take the Bull by its horns” because that’s the approach I wish to inculcate in my life. To display my connection to the bull and the seamless entanglement of both characters, I gave the illusion that my hair truly merged with that of the bull. The still and serene background also added a stunning contrast to the strength and tenacity I wished to display in the hybrid of our characters.