Antara Chatterjee


Class of: 2027

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Digital-Photoshop

Faculty: Ruth Liberman

Prompt: We had to use photoshop to merge ourselves with animals whose attributes we associated with our own self-identity.

I chose to merge myself with snakes wrapped around my head, almost giving me the striking look of Medusa, in order for me to resemble the emotions of malice, envy and jealousy often associated with the animal and the character. This was a project on self-reflection and introspection of the negative spectrum of self. We often find ourselves experiencing the same emotions and they literally and in this sense metaphorically are wrapped around us, haunting us. My expression in this work also reflects the fear and discomfort swarming within. The red is symbolic of the feeling of “alarm” and “danger” associated with the work.