Aoi Sejima


Class of: 2023

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Video

Faculty: Joey Christiano Diaz

Prompt: Create a video of an imagined future to envision all that you would like to see in the world of 2072. You will create a fictional story that includes fictional memories, which would be an occurrence that affected you personally and had global implications as well.

In this project, I expressed my wish that by 2072, the world would be manipulated by greens. I got inspired by the situation we live in right now with so many litters on the streets that are making the city disgustingly smelly, and with the excessive gas emission, humans are breaking the ozone we need to breathe. At the beginning of the video, I described the city that is full of trash in the water and toxic emissions coming out of buildings from factories and constructions. Through the audio as well, I described how we can only hear the sound of manmade objects, which represent the state of humans destroying the Earth while satisfying our desires. There, a lucky little plant was born, that eventually grows out into a huge plant with uncountable stems growing out of its body. This plant starts to take over the dirty city by growing its stems around the buildings that do not belong to nature. Furthermore, the stems invade the chimney to stop the chemical discharge. As the plants continue to grow around the city while cleaning the air and the planet itself, eventually, the manmade objects are all covered in greens.